Audio guides provided by voices of authority.

Otocast guides are your friend in the area who knows all the cool facts and stories about the things you want to see.  We work hard to get people who know what they’re talking about so that you get the most interesting, most informative, and most engaging experience.

Starting with an overview map, you can explore an area, focusing on a specific location or a picture that happens to look interesting.

When you find something you like, which could be right in front of you, or perhaps a few miles away, you can read a short description, link to websites, watch videos, scroll through a photo gallery, or listen to a custom narrative.

Otocast isn’t just for one location, or even one theme. Otocast contains many guides, on many topics – all sorted by proximity to your location wherever and whenever you start the app. So if you are planning a trip, or just checking out your surroundings, you can easily find things that catch your interest.

With Otocast, you can:

  • Explore at your own pace, in your own time

  • Find guides close to where you are

  • Scroll through all the guides to help plan your travels

  • Read about locations before you get there

  • Look at photos and share with friends

  • Get directions to any point of interest

  • Listen to custom narratives that provide fun and engaging information


Engage your audience wherever they are.

Otocast helps you showcase any and every aspect of your area to appeal to visitors with a wide variety of interests, which deepens the engagement and encourages longer and more meaningful visits.

Create guides for a one-day event, or as long as you need, highlighting any number of points-of-interest that you want people to see when they visit.  Public art, murals, historic landmarks, architecture, monuments, fairs, festivals, and puzzle hunts are just a few of the ways in which you can engage your audience and promote the wonderful sites that you have to offer.

But the app isn’t just for one location, or even one theme.  Otocast contains many guides, on many topics – all sorted by proximity to the user wherever and whenever they start the app. So someone in a nearby town or across the country will instantly be made aware of what you have to offer and entice them to pay a visit.

And, at your discretion, local businesses can participate too, with the same content and features available to the themed locations, allowing them to offer specials and promotions specifically tailored to the visitors in your area.

Our unparalleled customer service ensures that the entire experience will be seamless.  We do all the heavy lifting.

  • Themed tours provide focused content, with an optional suggested route

  • Multiple Points-of-Interest offer a variety of locations to engage visitors

  • Text, photos, audio and step-by-step directions for every point-of-interest

  • Every point can offer active links, embedded video, feedback or voting

  • Social media integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email and more

  • Include local business and sponsors, in a “welcome” screen, as an additional point in the map, or tied to each each point-of-interest

  • Statistics reporting to see what, where, and how the points are accessed

  • Update content as often as you need

  • Speedy deployment and updates