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Immersive, Customized Tours that Your Visitors and Partners Will Love

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We work with a variety of destinations to create immersive audio experiences that captivate visitors. The possibilities are unlimited. From outdoor sculpture exhibitions to historical sites to parks, preserves and more, Otocast is sure to engage your visitors.

Refer to the map below to see the places where we have increased visitor engagement through audio.

We Work With:

Arts Councils
Chambers of Commerce
Convention and Tourist Bureaus
Historical Societies
Land Trusts/State and Local Parks
Local Government and Communities
Local Retailers
Parks & Recreation Departments


Case Study

Napa Art Walk

The City of Napa has supported the placement of public art throughout its community to contribute to a more livable and visually stimulating environment since the 1970s. The launch of the Otocast tour in 201x proved to be a great way to showcase Napa's extensive art collection to the community, especially during COVID.

As Public Art Coordinator, Meredith Nevard explained: "It's a nice surprise when you are touring art to hear from the artist who made it. Being an artist myself, learning directly from the sculptor about the piece encourages me to go to an exhibit."

Best yet, Meredith told us that working with Eric Feinstein at Otocast made it easy. "It was like working with a friend whom I have never met. With our small team at our organization with lots of projects, it was so helpful that Eric took ownership of our art tour as though it were his own."

Check out the Napa Art Walk in your web browser

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Case Study

Old Town Prairie Historic Village

John Bell gave us insight into the development of the Otocast tour:

"We had been talking about doing an audio tour for years, but we had never connected the dots. Once we discovered Otocast, it was a no-brainer.

We wanted to take advantage of Otocast’s mobile technology to create an alternative way to visit Old Prairie Town and its 1800s’ replica village. The biggest hurdle was creating a self-guided tour that did not duplicate the site's in-person tours, available six days a week.

We decided to put a different spin on the tour. Board members who were retired teachers went to work. They created a first-person narrative from the perspective of the family who live in the mansion 150 years ago. Now, instead of telling the story about a 1874 building, you hear from the Otocast audio: "you are looking at my house." What a great way to engage our visitors!"

Check out the news report on the launch of the Otocast audio tour. Experience the tour in your web browser!


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Case Study

Hood River BIG ART Outdoor Gallery

Art of Community was established in 2014 in Hood River, Oregon to build on the dynamic relationship between art and the local community. Now entering its fifth bi-annual exhibit cycle, the organization continues to engage the public through art, making it available to people of all ages and backgrounds, visitors and locals alike.

Otocast has been a key partner in the success of this program. Board member and graphic designer, Jan Meyer says "Despite being a print designer, I never want to make a printed map again! Creating our tour on Otocast was super simple, accurate, and (selfishly) it made my job easier -- especially with Eric's support. Our current tour features 29 sites; 22 sculptures on loan from artists juried into the tour, and 7 permanent sculptures. Our artists were able to record eloquent audio clips with the guidance of Otocast's prompt sheet. With direct access to the artist's voice, tour participants receive an elite experience often reserved for wealthy patrons or museum-goers; but this app the experience becomes accessible and free. Otocast is a tool that I highly recommend."

Check out Art of the Community here.

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