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Otocast takes privacy seriously.

We want to tell you what we collect (not much) and what we do with it.


Otocast is a location-based application.  By knowing where you are, we can better provide some services, such as letting you know what guides are near you, and providing directions to a given point of interest. For the best experience, please ensure that you are allowing Otocast to use your location.

If you do not allow location, please note that the application will still function for accessing all the content, but you may have to search for the content, rather than having it be automatically placed in geographic order.


In certain situations, our partners may decide to offer a way to reward you for visiting their locations.  To accomplish this, we can create a digital passport of sorts, where you can "check in" when you visit those locations.  This is also able to be done by knowing you location and determining whether or not you are at the specified point of interest.

When you complete the necessary visits, you are sent an email with a note of congratulations and possibly instructions on what to do next.

To send you an email, we need an email address, and ask you for this one piece of information as part of the registration process.

Please note that Apple users may opt to register via their Apple ID.  For these users, we do not see an email address, but an encrypted one that can only be accessed via secure Apple servers.

At any time, you may opt out of the Otocast registration by sending us an email via the form below, or directly at

Other Generic Data

From time to time, we look at the analytics to see how often the guides are being used, and which points of interest within those guides are the most popular.  This information is reported back to the guide users and contains no personal information.

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